About Me

“Ah, but if you are without possessions, how can you give?”

“Everyone gives what he has. The soldier gives strength, the merchant goods, the teacher instruction, the farmer rice, the fisherman fish.”

“Very well and what can you give? What have you learned that you can give?”

“I can think, I can wait, I can fast.”

“Is that all?”

“I think that is all.”

~ excerpted from Siddhartha (Herman Hesse, 1922)

I’m not a particularly talented guy. I’m mediocre at sports, above average at math, my social skills have seriously declined over the last decade. I’d say I’m a pretty good husband and dad but I’m afraid you might ask me to qualify that, so I won’t.

Like the protagonist Siddhartha in Hesse’s seminal novel, what I offer are my only 3 talents: I can contemplate, I can ruminate and I can articulate.

When I was a kid I loved jigsaw puzzles. Something about taking those disjointed and at times incomprehensible images and gradually piecing them together into a comprehensible whole was a transcendent experience for me. I could do it for hours.

Today, life to me is much the same – full of these millions of (often incomprehensible) events that I know deep down inside all somehow fit together if …only…I…can…just…

…well, clearly the joy is in the struggle.

This site is an expression of my own perspectives on everything: self, love, relationships, society, spirituality, politics, parenthood… in short Life as the mind of Shiv Sengupta has pieced it together thus far.

These are my own meanderings nothing more. If they inspire you to see your own life a little differently feel free to drop a comment and let me know.